Jade Regent: Tide of Honor


Lindill matched eyes with the misshapen giant, and tried her will against the creature. It was strong, but as she continued to stare, she could feel the creatures will weakening, and then…there. If she maintained the mystic pressure, it would be unable to move at all.

Perhaps then, her allies could manage to run it through.

As she focused her will on the giant, the immediate environs of the castle slipped from her focus, and her mind began to wander…

There were going to be words. Shalelu’s companions were more courageous than they had any right to be. Yet, somehow, they managed to live through onslaught of enemy after enemy. Perhaps this luck the Tengu spoke of arrived only at the 11th hour…

Yet again, Lindill found herself wishing her sister were here. Despite their past disagreements, Shalelu had always been good with a blade, a bow, or a saddle. We could use your aim now, sister. If not for me, then for these friends…

No. not these. Shalelu was always unfailingly direct. If she was not with this assortment of hired swords,…it was because she was…elsewhere. There was something more important to her.

I’ve misunderstood something. Something vital.

As the ogre died, Lindill’s focus returned to her companions. She remembered the words of Master Argos, long ago. “The servants are already there. They have always been there, waiting, and I will teach you the words, child. But the will, the will to master these creatures? That you must provide yourself.”

She had paralyzed a giant through will alone. It was time to call forth more powerful servants.



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