Jade Regent: Tide of Honor

The darkness


Lindill looked around, and saw nothing at all. Her eyes could blink, so they seemed to work. This had to then be the work of some dread magic. It reminded her of her first time with Argos, Lord Penumbral.

(Many years ago)

Flipping through the scroll, Lord Argos read Lindill’s notes. “Lovely handwriting, at least. But your writing is a bit…dry.”

“Yes milord. I will work harder”

“How do you know this to be true about the umbral dragons, apprentice?”

“I compared Trylin’s Book of Beasts to the fourth volume of Zey’s Walk in Darkness. These are the points on which they concur.”

“Hmm. And what is your opinion of D’Kayne’s ‘Whispering Darkness’? Or Pickman’s ‘Devourer?’” asked Lord Argos.

“Wasn’t D’Kayne quite mad by the end of his life? He’s not a reliable source. I’ve never read Pickman, he’s not in the index.”

“Quite right, nothing to read there. Pickman’s a painter, and quite skilled. As for D’Kayne, have you considered that madness makes him more reliable? Perhaps he knew of which he spoke firsthand?”

“Can you sing?.”

“W-what? Um, yes, milord” replied Lindill, cheeks blushing from her momentary lapse in manners."

“Good. I trust you’ve mastered a simple message spell, cast it upon me in the unlikely event that we are separated”

“Where are we headed, milord?”

“To see an old friend….very old.” Replied Lord Argos, as he began the complex invocation needed to enter the plane of Shadow. As Lindill observed, everything grew dark.



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