Jade Regent: Tide of Honor


Mašaru Kaijitsu, or Moses Karagoš to everyone he has ever known since he joined the Sczarni, grimaced as he heard the cries from the castle up ahead. I hope those aren’t cries of my sister he worries. Some of those shouts of anguish sounded like they were coming from a woman.

She swore she had given up the adventurers life last time we spoke. The time when she visited me in the jail. When she told me about her journey over the crest of the world to the lands of our ancestors. She wished I could come with her, but I was rotting in that cell. Mašaru had escaped that cell, strangled the Sczarni guard and stole his weapons and armor back, then high tailed it out of Sandpoint.

I can never go back now.

When he finally tracked down the caravan outside Brinewall Castle, he was relieved to discover that his sister wasn’t the source of the cry from the castle. What he did find worried him. His sister, Ameiko, had fallen into a coma and Sandru believes that the source of her ailment is in that castle. Some adventurer friends had gone in to find the source but the sounds coming from the castle do not bode well.

They had already lost one of their members. A Kellid named Jaalek. I’ve heard of him. A baddass for sure if there ever was one. I must get there to help before it is too late.

When he got there he discovered the Ulfens-Orc skald that hung out at Ameiko’s tavern had fallen. Well sumbitch. Maybe they’ll appreciate his poetry more in Elysium.



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