Jade Regent: Tide of Honor

Blessings of Desna

“Lady Starsong, please hear my prayer,” Oberon muttered. Over the gray, ruined battlements, the winged masked creature flew closer. How could it move so slowly?
Braedo lay in a puddle of blood at the tengu’s feet. Oberon scrambled to staunch his cousin’s wounds, but the blood kept coming. Ostog was dead. Kade was somewhere behind them. He could hear the wizard’s chanting.
Oberon had exhausted his spells. The vial! He scrambled in his pack and pulled out the healing draught. The creature landed on the wall in front of them and stared down at them, its eyes bright behind the strange red mask. Oberon poured the blue concoction down Braedo’s throat, and the man came sputtering back into conscious. Just in time for us all to die.
“What . . . happened?” his cousin groaned.
“Ostog is dead. You were struck down. Now get up so we can die on our feet.” Oberon grabbed his longspear and stood up. Braedo heaved himself to his feet, chak in hand. The creature begin to spin its chained blade lazily.
At least let me die bravely, my goddess. Help me not to turn and run and shame myself in the eyes of my comrades.
Their killer laughed mockingly.
Please, my Lady . . .
The shadowy hound burst from his left and took the winged creature by the leg. It screeched and turned to defend itself. The elven maiden stood in the doorway.
“Can I lend you boys a hand?” Lindill said with a wicked smile.
Oberon closed his eyes. Of course, my Lady, I never doubted you for a second.



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