Ravik Jurlson

The Seedbringer; Champion of Shizuru, Empress of Heaven


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Ravik Jurlson
The Seedbringer, Champion of Shizuru, Empress of Heaven
LG Medium Half-orc Paladin
Init +2
Senses Perception +0; darkvision
Speed 20 ft (30 ft. without armor)

AC 26 (breastplate +9, dex +2, orc weapon expertise +2, ironhide +1, ring + 2); flat 24; touch 14 and 31 vs target of Smite Evil; OR
hp 105
Fort +14, Ref +10, Will +14

Two-handed: orc double axe + 16; 1d8 + 3
Two-weapon fighting: orc double axe + 12/orc double axe + 12; 1d8+2/1d8+1
Smiting Two-handed: orc double axe + 17;1d8 + 10
Smiting Two-weapon fighting: orc double axe + 14/orc double axe + 14; 1d8 + 9/1d8+8
//Bull’s strength Two-handed: orc double axe+14;1d8+6
Bull’s strength Two-weapon fighting: orc double axe+12/orc double axe+12; 1d8+4/1d8+2
Bull’s strength and smiting two-handed: orc double axe+ 14; 1d8+10
Bull’s strength and two-weapon fighting: orc double axe+12/orc double axe+12; 1d8+8/1d8+6
Alt Melee
Whip and Spiked Shield:
One-handed: whip+7; 1d3+2 (nonlethal)
Two-weapon fighting: whip+5/spiked shield+5;1d3+2 (nonlethal)/1d4+1
Smiting: whip+10; 1d3+6 (nonlethal)
Smiting 2WF: whip+8/spiked shield+8;1d3+6 (nonlethal)/1d4+5
Bull’s Strength: whip+9;1d3+4 (nonlethal)
Bull’s strength 2WF: whip+7/spiked shield+7;1d3+4(nonlethal)/1d4+2
B’s Str & Smite: whip+12;1d3+8 (nonlethal)
B’s Str & Smite 2WF: whip+10/spiked shield+10;1d3+8(nonlethal)/1d4+6

Composite longbow (Str 2) + 9/1d8 + 2
Smiting Composite longbow (Str 2) + 12/1d8 + 9

Str 14 Dex 14 Con 14 Int 8 Wis 11 (13) Cha 20 (12!!!!)
Base Atk 10/5; CMB + 12; CMD 24
Feats Orc weapon expertise (defender), two-weapon fighting, ironhide
Traits Best Friend (Sandru and Ravik became fast friends when Ravik worked as a caravan drover for him on a previous trip; Bluff is a class skill, +2 Bluff). Caravan Drover (half-orc; you treat whips as martial weapons, and up to 10 animals and humanoids traveling with you can hustle or make a forced march for 1 hour longer than normal before taking nonlethal damage and becoming fatigued; from Player’s Companion: People of the Sands)
Skills (1/level): Bluff +19, Heal +4, Intimidate +9, Ride +2 (w/o armor +6)
Languages Common, Orc
Favored Class Bonus All HP

Spells Prepared: 2/1
1st level: Lesser Restoration, Hero’s Defiance.
2nd level: (Blade Tutor’s Spirit)
Paladin Powers
Detect Evil (60 ft); Smite Evil 4/day; Lay on Hands 10/day (6d6); Mercy (sickened, petrification, nauseated, diseased); Aura of Resolve (immune to fear, +4 morale bonus to allies within 10 ft on fear saves); immune to charm; Divine Health (immune to disease); channel positive energy (uses 2 lay on hands, using paladin level as cleric level, Cha-based, 3d6); divine bond (2/day, 1 min/level, +3 or +3 equivalent bonuses including holy).
Racial abilities: Darkvision (60 feet), orc blood, sacred tattoo, weapon familiarity

Orc Double Axe + 1 / + 1 masterwork/masterwork (660 gp)
Breastplate (agile) + 3 (climb and jump checks no armor check penalty)

Composite longbow (Str+2) (300 gp) & quiver (23 arrows)
Light steel shield (19 gp)
Whip with vampiric markings (5 gp)
Ranger’s kit (9gp) (backpack, a bedroll, a belt pouch, a flint and steel, iron pot, mess kit, rope, torches-10, trail rations-5 days, and a waterskin.)
Vampire-ish cologne (5 gp)
Tusk oil (mint) (? gp)
Tusk oil (mulled wine) (? gp)
Vampire-ish leather jacket (5 gp)
4 scrolls of divine favor
Ring of protection +2
Cloak of protection + 1
Headband of wisdom +4
CLW wand charges used from Oberon’s wands: 10
wand of bull’s strength (46 charges)

Gold: 547 gp + 777 gp

xp: 17425 + ?

Biography: Ravik Jurlson was a caravan drover who worked for Sandru on a drive long ago. The two became fast friends, and now that Ravik has had his life changed by a vision of Shizuru, he has once again joined with Sandru to head to his calling in the East.
Ravik was working as a caravan guard with a different caravan far to the west when he had a holy vision: Shizuru was calling him. She appeared in the heavens, swathed in the aurora even though it was midday. She beckoned him to the East, turning and walking toward the horizon, where she scattered jade teardrop-shaped stones onto a landscape that was barren and dry. The jade stones blossomed like seeds and bloomed into green stars, swirling in green rivers. The goddess winked over her shoulder before disappearing.
He has interpreted this vision to mean the following: 1) Tian Xia needs him to come, 2) there are currently no orcs in Tian Xia, 3) they need orcs, and 4) that he therefore must supply orcs by seducing every woman between here and Tian Xia, and especially in Tian Xia, in order to multiply fruitfully and seed a new race of orcs in the great land of his heavenly empress, bringing glory to her and to her new, divinely inspired children.


Ravik Jurlson

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