Lindill Andosana


Female Half-Elven Shadow Sorcerer 12
XP: 220,000


Strength 10
Intelligence 13
Wisdom 10
Constitution 14
Dexterity 16
Charisma 24

Initiative: +8
HP: 86
AC: 21 w/dex, mage armor, ring, shield
Flat-footed: 19
Touch: 15

Fort: +9
Ref: +10
Will: +18
CMD: 18

BAB: + 6
CMB: + 7

MW Staff: + 7 to hit, d6 damage
Ranged touch attack: +9

Abilities: elven immunities, keen senses, elf blood, darkvision 120’, drow magic, light blindness,

Skills: (3/level)

bluff +14, craft, diplomacy +14, disguise +16, fly +8, handle animal +11, intimidate +14, K (arcana) +5, k(planes) +5, k(nobility) +5, perception +3, perform (sing) +11, ride +6, sense motive +1, spellcraft +6, stealth +25 (max), UMD +20

Languages: Elven, Common, Tian

Traits: Younger sibling, arcane temper (+1 conc, Init)


S1) Eschew Materials
1) Point-Blank shot
3) Precise Shot
5) Improved Initiative
7) Penetrating Spell
S7) Skill Focus: Stealth
9) Steadfast personality
11) Quicken Spell

Bloodline powers

Blood Havoc: +1 per die with bloodline spells
+60’ darkvision
Shadow Well, Hide within 10’ feet of a shadow, even when observed

Spells: (x, 5, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 + bloodline)

DC 16 Zeroes: detect magic, detect poison, light, message, prestidigitation, Spark
DC 17 Firsts: Liberating command, Mage armor, Protection from evil, ray of enfeeblement, True Strike, Vanish
DC 18 Seconds: darkvision, False life, resist energy, scorching ray, shatter, Web
DC 19: Thirds: deeper darkness, dispel magic, Displacement, Greater Magic Weapon, tongues
DC 20 Fourths: Dimension Door, Enervation, Shadow conjuration, Shadow Projection
DC 21 Fifths: Possession, Shadow Evocation, Vampiric Shadow Shield
DC 22 Sixths: Disintegrate

Dancing lights x1/day
Darkness x1/day
Faerie Fire x1/day

Gear: (redo for 108,000 gold)

Headband of Charisma 4 (16000)
Belt of dexterity +2 (4000)
MW thistle-colored cloak of resistance +3 (
2 stealth) (9000)
Boots of the Cat (1000)
Gloves of Elvenkind (7500)
Mnemonic Vestment (5000)
Gorget of Umbral Hunger (6500)

+1 darkwood buckler (1150)
Staff of Shrieking (28,000)
MW Silver dagger (302)

Handy Haversack (2000)
Scroll of Endure Elements x4, Pass without Trace, Knock, Prayer
Scroll of Improved Invisibility, Air Bubble, Detect Secret Doors, See Invisibility
Scroll of Tiny Hut, Slow, Dimensional Anchor, remove curse, remove disease, delay poison

Potion of Lesser Restoration, remove blindness, antiplague, antitoxin
Wand of shield (25 charges) (375)
Wand of floating disc (750)
Wand of clw (750)
Wand of bestow grace (4500)
Metamagic rod of Silent Spell, lesser (3000)

Antitoxin, Antiplague (100)
CLW x2 (100)
Holy water x1 (25)
Alchemist’s fire x2 (40)

(84,192) + 6500+4500+375+8000+4500+50

Elvish rations x6
50’ rope

Belt pouch
258 gold
6 silver
6 copper

Circlet of persuasion (4500)
Fancy silver earrings (50gp)
Ring of Protection +2 (4000)
Signet ring of Counterspells (Feeblemind) (4000)
Silk gown


*Lindill is a half-elf sorcerer, and the half-sister of Shalelu Andosana. She has been sent by their mother to convince Shalelu to return home.

Lindill was conceived under difficult circumstances, and her mother’s grief at her birth has influenced Lindill’s magical powers. As a result, while there is a strong family resemblance, she is the night to Shalelu’s day, the girls are obvious opposites.

Lindill grew up quickly by elven standards, and got into trouble often, as people often guessed her age according to her appearance. While she cared for and educated, the elves did not forget that she was never quite one of them. This led to an intense rivalry with her older sister Shalelu, who was their mother’s clear favorite.

Lindill did show an aptitude for magic, however, from an early age. While she began training to be a sorcerer, she found her self captivated by tales of other realms, and focused her efforts in that direction. When she was finally deemed an adult, she studied for some time in Nidal, learning the secrets of shadow magic.

Upon her return, Lindill has learned that Shalelu has been gone for quite some time. Mother feels that it is time for her daughters to both come home.*

Lindill Andosana

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