Jade Regent: Tide of Honor




The two half-Tians stared at each other, clearly related. One, part elf. The other, part Varisian.

“You still your father’s lapdog?” sneered the elfin blooded brother.

“I never was, you know that,” Mašaru answered.

“I hear you’ve been going by a pseudonym. Moses Karagoš I believe. Very Varisian.”

“Not anymore. I’m joining sis. I’m done with the Sczarni. You should come. She has forgiven you.”

“No. I have a new life in Magnimar.”

“Very well, it will be dangerous however, and I could use a refresher. Brother, mind sparring with me while you are here in Sandpoint? Help me build up the old skills. The ones I neglected after joining the Sczarni.”

“Certainly, little half-brother. It will be fun to beat on you again.”

Tsuto smiled evilly and adopted a fighting stance, a strait up style called The Mountain Pose. Mašaru chose a defensive stance, Snapping Turtle Style. Tsuto led with a punch, then a quick snap kick, which Mašaru dodged and blocked with his left hand before delivering a right hook which Tsuto chopped away. The two brothers did this for five days. Each of them better developing their martial arts.

On the final day, Tsuto and Mašaru bowed after the last sparring session. Mašaru spoke.

“Brother, will you come with us to Minkai?”

“Sorry, Brother. But Nualia and I have some important plans. I cannot.”

“I trust that you do not need my help?” asked the younger brother.

“No, we can manage. Tell Sis hi from me. Good luck on your voyage to our mother’s homeland.”

With that, Mašaru thanked his older brother again for his time and left. Tsuto watched his brother leave, contemplating his plans for Sandpoint.



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