Jade Regent: Tide of Honor


My family’s sword Masaru muses as he contemplates the katana. I must learn how to better use this, on my honor. My hack and slashes were not good enough. Oberon can help me with this endeavor!

The tengu and the Tian face off. Oberon wielding the newly repaired Whispering Shrike and Masura brandishing Suishen.images.jpg

Ting! Clang! “You’re not a barbarian like that Ostog or a thug like Jaalek! Use grace. Flow with Suishen, don’t muscle it. A blade like that needs a bit of finesse. Try again.”

The two growing friends close in on each other and trade blows. The whole time, the tengu with his innate ability with blades, giving Masaru pointers and tips. As the hours and days go by as they wait for Sandru’s caravan at Ravenscraeg Masaru’s skills grow with the katana to the point that the blade is like an extension of his own arm.

This feels good. The former Sczarni thug thinks. _A sense of purpose. Skill. Not just brutal beatings but something elegant…

“Hey! I wanna play!” the giant of a man, Bjorn cajoles.

Oberon rolls his eyes, “I guess the caravan has arrived.”

“Should I humor the oaf?” Masaru queries the wise tengu.

“I think it is the only way.”

“Okay big guy,” Masaru taunts. “Loser has eat a dose of Braedo’s Shoanti barbarian chew.”

“Your on little man!” replies the Ulfen. “Wait, you’re not that little…!” Then he lifts his hammer and swings at the smaller Varisian-Tian, who deftly ducks and ripostes with a slice, missing the large belly in front of him.

“You’re quicker than you’d expect for a man of your size.”



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