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The distant lands of Tian Xia contain the promise of an unlimited number of mysterious and captivating spectacles, but also within this mystical realm is the ever-lurking fear of the unknown and the untrustworthy. After all, not everything is as it seems in Golarion, and this holds doubly true in this part of the world, where the lands themselves seem to constantly change, simultaneously enchanted by the benevolent kami and plagued by the demonic oni. Wary adventurers know to carefully scrutinize even the most mundane creature, as it can just as easily change shape into either something equally harmless or a monster of devastating proportions. Regardless of the ever-shifting nature of Tian Xia, one crucial rule remains constant: keep your eyes open.

In the Jade Regent Adventure Path, PCs will travel epic distances with a crew of lively NPCs, starting in the familiar nation of Varisia and ending up on the other side of the world. As a result, the primary element you should keep in mind when creating your character is the fact that while the Adventure Path begins in Sandpoint, it won’t stay there—build your character as someone eager to leave this quiet town to seek adventure elsewhere in the world and you’ll be set!

Jade Regent: Eastern Promise

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