Character Creation

All characters start at 12th level.

If you are new to Pathfinder, follow the character creation outline from the SRD.

We will be using the point buy system; you have twenty points to buy your ability scores.
Table: Ability Score Costs
Score /Points
7 /–4
8 /–2
9 /–1
10 /0
11 /1
12 /2
13 /3
14 /5
15 /7
16 /10
17 /13
18 17

Available Classes: All, including the playtests. I had originally intended to ask folks to avoid gunslinger and the Asian-themed classes, but on further perusal of the AP I’ve come to the conclusion you can do them without stretching the PR overmuch.
Races: PFS legal. We can talk if you want to stretch that.

Traits: One of the two character traits must be from the Jade Regent Campaign Traits list.

Familiarize yourself with the Jade Regent Players Guide, which should bring you up to speed on the basics of the campaign and everything you need to know, lore-wise.

I intend to run this thing all the way from soup to nuts, so gird your loins. That means no seven-year itching at level eight… I also intend to give PFS credit for the legal portions. If you aren’t familiar with how this works, it doesn’t really affect gameplay for parties undertaking the whole campaign – you just get credit when finishing the relevant sections. I would ask that everyone have a PFS number, though, so as to have a legal table when that moment arises.

Upload everything to character sheets here on Obsidian.

Character Creation

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