Jade Regent: Tide of Honor

He Shared His Culture

He Shared His Culture

He lifted his axe up high and shouted to Gorum,
“Take this false faced coward to the bowels of Hell!”
And it reeled, but could not touch him,
And it squealed. He showed it no mercy.

The Owlman saw it first,
The Birdman stepped back,
The Wizard threw a ranged fist,
And The Skald shared his culture.

The Warden of the Swamp,
Took refuge in his shed,
He opened his door,
When the false faced one bled.

And lay out his reward,
A cloak radiating a spark,
The Owlman won it fair,
And with honor gave it to The Birdman to share.

The creature of legend,
Was creeping the swamp,
The Soggy River Monster,
It moved to attack.

The Birdman saw it first,
The Owlman stepped up,
The Wizard threw a ranged fist,
And The Skald shared his culture.

The goblins they swarmed,
Out of holes and doors they poured,
From up high the came down,
And below they were found.

The Owlman sliced with his chakrum,
The Birdman blessed from his god,
The Wizard let out a crippling blast,
And The Skald shared his culture.

He hefted his spear,
And pierced the goblin’s flesh.
The creature it howled,
And then there was silence.

The Birdman threw up a lunch made of slugs,
The Wizard he wrote a story of his own,
The Owlman he searched for tools he may use,
And The Skald shouted praise to Gorum as he shared his culture.

There goes lunch.

He didn’t know it would be so bloody. Oberon knew that sounded foolish. They had come out here to collect a bounty on goblins. He knew they would have to kill goblins. He had just assumed that Braedo would do the killing. Or maybe that savage, Ostog. He would just be along for the ride. Help track down the little beasts. Maybe patch someone up if it got rough. Call down the blessings of Desna in a pinch. But this . . . this had been horrific.
The tengu looked around the silent village. Braedo stood to one side, cleaning his chakram on his cloak. Ostog didn’t even have the decency to do that. He appeared to be sniffing around the various corpses, looking for valuables. The townsman Tichborne was staring off into space.
The goblin dead lay strewn around the clearing near the gate in various states of mutilation. The skald had split one of the little green maniacs from head to toe and then cleaved another in two. Its legs had twitched for what seemed like minutes even after separated from its upper half.
At Oberon’s feet lay the remains of one of the goblins he himself had killed. He had pierced it through the eye with his spear. It had happened so fast. When they had fought the weird fake halfling, he had stood in the back. It was over so quickly he hadn’t even had time to react. When they fought the Soggy River Monster, he had just been trying to not get murdered by the thing. But this . . . this . . .
Oberon leaned his head over the pig pit and began to vomit loudly.

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