x-NPCs Sandru's Caravan

The motley crew that works the caravan.


Bertram Honeytoes (halfling male) A young man with unruly honey colored hair, short beard and feet; scars on his back and arms, He’s cautiously friendly, excited about foraging for natural foods and paranoid of being captured and Chelaxians)
Bertram is an escaped slave from Westgate who enjoys finally being able to cook for for his own profit (and being able to eat some of it finally) and seeing “what’s out there.” The distances being traveled suit him just fine as he’s always a little paranoid of being found and returned to Cheliax.



Estelle (Ulfan female)

Terrance (dwarf male) Hirsute to say the least, his thick waves of pitch black hair, beard and body hair makes Terrance easily mistakable as a small black bear. His green eyes and bright white smile shine from a forest of black. He’s fond of humming off tune and complaining about the food but keeps his ornate dwarven waraxe close. If he has a past he is very reluctant to talk about it but he seems to have experience of some sort of combat.


x-NPCs Sandru's Caravan

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