Y-Mašaru Kaijitsu of the Amatatsu clan.

Ex-Scarni enforcer once known as Moses Karagoš and one of the last surviving members of the Amatatsu royal family.


Mašaru Kaijitsu
Male Tian-Varisian slayer 6 monk (mms / msm) 2
LN Medium humanoid (human)
Init + 3; Senses Perception + 12 (15 traps)
AC 23, touch 16, flat-footed 20(+ 3 Dex, + 7 armor, + 1 shield, + 1 deflection, + 1 natural)
hp 80 (10s+ 30s+ 10m+ 16c+ 6fc+ 8t)
Fort + 12, Ref + 13, Will + 9
Speed 30 ft.
Melee Suishen + 13/+ 8(1d8+ 6/18-20+ 1d6 fire), IUS + 11 (1d6+4)
Ranged longbow + 10 (1d8/x3) or throwing axe + 10 (1d6+ 4)
Space 5 ft.; Reach 5 ft.
Special Attacks 2nd studied target + 2 hit/dmg move action; stunning fist (3/day, Fort DC 15), sneak attack 2d6
Str 18, Dex 16, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 13, Cha 8
Base Atk + 7, CMB + 11(+ 17 grapple), CMD 26 (32 grapple)
Feats Combat Reflexes®, Power Attack1, Improved Unarmed Strike©, Stunning Fist ©, Snapping Turtle Style ©, Improved Grapple3, Grabbing Style ©, Toughness©, Snapping Turtle Clutch 5, EWP: katana©, Greater Grapple7, Two-Weapon Fighting©
Skills acrobatics 8/+ 19, bluff 8/+ 10, climb 2/+ 10, disable device 7/+ 16, intimidate 5/+ 7, linguistics 1/+ 4, perception 8/+ 12 (15 traps), sense motive 3/+ 7, stealth 8/+ 14(16), survival 1/+ 5 (8 track), swim 1/+ 8
Traits Ameiko’s Younger Sibling (+ 1 Will), Armor Expert (armor check + 1)
Languages Common, Tian, Varisian
SQ Slayer Talent (trapfinding, combat trick: EWP katana, ranger combat style:TWF ); Favored Target (move)(+ 2 bluff, knowledge, perception, sense motive, survival), track + 3
Gear 1758 gp; silver throwing axe, throwing axe x2, longbow, enemy shuriken, 140 arrows, backpack, bag (waterproof), cold weather outfit, flask, a bedroll, a belt pouch, caltrops, chalk x10, a flint and steel, a grappling hook, an iron pot, a mess kit, a mirror, 10 pitons, rope, silk rope, soap, tanglefoot bag, thieves’ tools, thunderstonue x2, 10 torches, trail rations (20 days), waterskin, mwk thieve’s tools, antiplague, explorer’s outfit, masterwork tool (stealth outfit) , , Gold armring (250gp), Snowshoes, Snow goggles, Skates, Ice, small tent
XP 56,666/75,000
FC hps 1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8
Hero Points 0

Magic Items
Suishen + 2 defending flaming katana 3/day—air walk, daylight, resist energy (cold), see invisibility CL20
Body + 1 mithril agile breastplate
Shoulders Cloak of Resistance + 2
Hands Claws of the Cave Bear
Feet Boots of Elvenkind
Ring ring of protection + 1
Hands Gauntlets of the Skilled Maneuver (grapple)

Terracotta Horse
potion of CMW x 2
potion of CLW x 4

Relationship Scores
Ameiko 8
Sandru -1
Koya -1
Shalelu -1

1/s1 power attack, combat reflexes; 7 sp
2/m1 IUS, snapping turtle style, stunning fist; 5 sp
3/s2 imp grapple, talent: trapfinding; 7 sp
retraining 1 lvl slayer to monk @ lvl 3
4/m2 grabbing style, toughness, + 1 Str; 5 sp
5/s3 snapping turtle clutch; sneak attack 1d6
6/s4 talent: combat trick: EWP (katana)
7/s5 gtr grapple
8/s6 talent: ranger combat style TWF ;sneak attack 2d6 + 1 Dex
9/s7 strangler
10/s8 Talent:
11/s9 feat; sneak attack 3d6
12/s10 advanced talent; + 1 Wis
13/s11 feat
14/s12 advanced talent: , sneak attack 4d6


Mašaru is the younger brother of Ameiko and Tsuto, son of Lonjiku Kaijitsu and Atsuii Kaijitsu though, just like Tsutu, there are rumors that Atsuii’s infidelities led to him being sired by another man, possibly a Varisian based on the slightly mixed blood appearance of the young man. Mašaru, joined Jubrayl Vhiski’s Sczarni at a young age, acting as an enforcer and working on breakings and enterings. Jubrayl forced Mašaru to take on a Varisian moniker as a means to seperate him from his past life. From then on he was called Moses Karagoš. As he matured, he found that he was not satisfied with the life of crime. Ameiko’s advice contributed to his desire to reform and she encouraged him to try the life of an adventurer. Unfortunately, Jubrayl was not appreciative of Moses’ change of heart, and fell fowl and made arranged to have Moses arrested. In fact, he was in jail when Ameiko and her troupe began their quest to travel to Minkai. When he heard about Ameiko falling ill, he broke out of jail, robbed Jubrayl of some equipment, and said goodbye to Sandpoint once and for all.

Y-Mašaru Kaijitsu of the Amatatsu clan.

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