Jade Regent: Tide of Honor

The Search

At first, Kade wouldn’t stop looking. He knew he was upsetting Oberon and Masaru by insisting on searching through their bags for the fifth time. He knew that Helgarvel didn’t want to be turned upside down again and shaken. He knew that Bjorn and Cheng-Lu and Ravik were all eager, for their own reasons, to be journeying on to Ravenscrag.

But he couldn’t stop looking.

She had to be here somewhere.

When the sun set, the ones with darkvision kept looking for Kade. That was very kind of them. Eventually, Kade realized it was too kind. Tessa was gone. Where, and how, he had no idea. Something to do with the Shadowlands, maybe. Something to do with Tian Xia.

“It’s over,” he said. “We have to move on.”

The party slowly packed their belongings. They could almost see Ravenscrag in the distance. Maybe some answers would lie there. Maybe a key to the East. Something, anything to make up for this lack. He felt that half his eyesight was gone, and he kept turning his head to check what was wrong with his shoulder where Tessa should have been riding.

But he still wasn’t giving up. Instead of looking for a cure for Tessa, he’d look for Tessa herself.

He hoped that he’d be more successful at that.


Okaaaaay. So lots of stuff happened like new folk and spooky wife-scorpions disappearing (which is possibly more spooky). Hmmm.

The Search

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