Jade Regent: Tide of Honor

The others...

Rannhilde thought carefully as her companions rested to restore their magic. The bird spirit, Oberon, seemed to be brave. He fought hard against the dragon, and though he complained often, it was mostly to hear himself squawk. He insisted that all of his magic was due to Desna, but neglected to explain what that word meant.

The wizard…Rannhilde had been resisting the usual practice of the Tiger Nomads, which was to impale wizards until they weight of their own bodies pulled them down onto the spike far enough to kill them. Kade did not seem inclined to slay everyone with ice magic, as Rannhilde had been warned. In fact, he fought with them against the ice dragon, the ice zombies, even the…winged ice witch.

Were there good witches as well? The tribal elders had never spoken of such things….

It was clearly time to speak to Tessalyn. If she was truly his wife, she would know much.



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