Jade Regent: Tide of Honor

Rise Above !

The wizard proved himself to be trustworthy after all. Rannhilde was surprised, but he is truly skilled at speaking to spirits, able to bend the spirits of air to his will, and conjuring guardian spirits as well.

But it was his knowledge of the outlander sword that proved critical. Rise above! he said, and when Rannhilde spoke the words, she felt the spirits answer. Truly this was an enchanted blade like few others, able to bear her weight into the air, and striking down the great dragon with fire and steel.


To be honest, she had doubted the elder’s words at first. Were they truly able to best a foe as mighty as a dragon? Though Masaru’s fall was a great loss, it enabled their victory over the creature. Rannhilde vowed to tell the story to the chief, so that it would enter the lore of their tribe and not be forgotten.

She should not have doubted the chief. The spirits had led her to these outlanders, and clearly, they walked with her still.



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