Jade Regent: Tide of Honor



Born in dishonor, Masaru never had a reason to rise above his ignominious beginning. Beaten by his mother’s husband as a child. Ignored by a mother who just didn’t care. He found his place with criminals and murderers. He found a life with the crooks, thieves, and extortionists. A man of dishonor, until now.

He had been travelling with his new companions for many months now. Finally, something worthwhile. His sister is heir to a dynasty, and he will be her sworn protector. But first, he must clear the way. With his companions, they must conquer the crown of the world. He raises his family’s sword, Suishen. Not really his family, but his sister. He shares her blood and will shed his own to get her to Minkai. Even if he has to shed it all. But this time. Now. As a samurai.



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