Jade Regent: Tide of Honor


In recent days, Mašaru has not been feeling very lucky. Holed up in a Sandpoint jail eating nothing but but maggoty bread for three stinking days. He knew it had run out. Damned Jubrayl had turned him in for not killing that child who had stolen from one of his “protected” vendors.

And when he did finally manage to overpower the Sczarni guard assigned to the cell and steal his weapons and equipment, his luck still did not come through. Sure, he found his sister outside the gods-forsaken castle called Brinewall (shitty name for a castle). She was unconscious and he found himself fighting for his life against oni and tentacles and blobs of what-have-you.

Then he found himself ineffectively fighting trogs and trolls. It was like Desna had left him for leaving the Sczarni. But that’s not right. Desna is one of the good ones. A goddess worth bowing a head too. She would not side against him for leaving the evil of the Sczarni. No, it was something else.


Punishment for all the evil that he abetted. Punishment for the roughing up of poor, downtrodden people who needed a few coin to get through a tough time. Punishment for murder, even though he never murdered an innocent. Punishment for breaking fingers for gambling debts. For intimidating witnesses and dropping off bribes to the magistrate. Punishment for abandoning his family…

And there it was. Punishment for letting Tsuto hit Ameiko way back when even though he was only twelve at the time. Punishment for pushing Tsuto, and later Ameiko away. Punishment for joining the Szarni in the first place, even though it was supposed to help his father get out of their debts. He should have known. No one gets out of a Sczarni debt except for the hard way.

Well here he was, on the road to Minkai on a trip over the crown of the world. A trip that will probably end in his death. But he still prays to Desna. He feels her favor for the fist time in a long time. Every time Oberon calls on her blessing and she guides his fist or his weapon. Every time he defeats an enemy, it is in her name and for Ameiko. The only real family he has now.

Father has disowned him. Tsuto is on a bad path. It will lead to some kind of destruction for him and possible many innocents around him. I can’t go against my own brother. So I must go with my sister.


Glorious. Excellent. Braedo and Masaru have a lot in common.


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